1. Rutgers Makerspace is open to undergraduate, graduate students, faculty, and staff currently attending Rutgers. We are not currently open to students from other colleges or universities without consent. Please contact us here for further information on getting access to the Makerspace.

2. As someone using the Makerspace you are expected to:

Clean up after yourself

Be courteous to other members in the space

3. We do not allow the manufacturing of:

Weapons or objects that can intentionally cause bodily damage

Production of objects for profit

4. Each machine at the RU Makerspace has material restrictions as well as training certification requirements which a student must complete before using the machine. To sign up for a certification please visit the Events Calendar here. If unsure on what materials a machine can use please ask a staff member of the RU Makerspace or visit the respective department section on the MENU bar above.