Do I need to pay to come to the Makerspace?

The RU Makerspace presents free access to easy-to-use equipment and trained personnel at no current charge. You don't pay for any time that you use equipment (like running a print/cut/mill), but you do need to pay for the amount of material you used. Here's the rough material pricing for all of our equipment:



Consulting Request Quote
3D Printing (PLA) $0.15 cents/gram 
3D Printing (Premium) $0.25 cents/gram*
Resin Printing $0.40 cents/mL
Laser Cutter Material Cost. 
CNC Milling Material Cost. 
Vinyl Cutter $0.10 cents/vertical inch 
Sewing Machine

Material Cost

*For a comprehensive breakdown of our 3D printing costs, click here

For specifics on obtaining certain materials for your projects or any questions, please email or visit the RU Makerspace using the contact information found here.


Who can come to the Makerspace?

The Rutgers Makerspace attracts engineers, artists, artisans, entrepreneurs, professors, students, and innovators. Are you looking to acquire new skills? Or, looking to master a skill with designing a great idea? All levels, from beginners to experts can benefit from our selection of equipment, tools, technologies, and expert staff.

When are you open?

Our normal business hours are Monday - Friday from 1pm - 8pm. However, our hours are subject to change, so please check here for an update on our current hours.

Do I have to know how to use the equipment to access the labs?

No. Staff members are always on hand in order to assist and train students with our equipment. Simply, visit the Makerspace to get started.

I know how to use the equipment. Can I book time on a machine?

Unfortunately, we currently do not have a system in place to allow students to book time on all of our machines. We run the Makerspace as a first come first serve basis.

However, you can reserve time on our laser cutter and CNC mills. The time is limited to a 2 hour reserve time. Regardless of your expertise, a member of our staff will initially work with you to ensure you are familiar with any machine and safety protocols. Afterwards, you are free to continue on your project.


Do you offer consulting services?

No. We do not have that as an open service at this time. However, please feel free to contact our staff for technical support on your project.

1. Rutgers Makerspace is open to undergraduate, graduate students, faculty, and staff currently attending Rutgers. We are not currently open to students from other colleges or universities without consent. Please contact us here for further information on getting access to the Makerspace.

2. As someone using the Makerspace you are expected to:

Clean up after yourself

Be courteous to other members in the space

3. We do not allow the manufacturing of:

Weapons or objects that can intentionally cause bodily damage

Production of objects for profit

4. Each machine at the RU Makerspace has material restrictions as well as training certification requirements which a student must complete before using the machine. To sign up for a certification please visit the Events Calendar here. If unsure on what materials a machine can use please ask a staff member of the RU Makerspace or visit the respective department section on the MENU bar above.