Who can come to the Makerspace?

Currently, the Makerspace can only be used by:

  • actively enrolled Rutgers degree-pursuing students
  • actively employed Rutgers faculty and staff

However, if you don't fit into one of those categories, then don't worry! You can still visit and we're happy to give you a guided tour or even set up a special workshop if you have a large group. The best chance of making that happen is to email us about it at makerspace@docs.rutgers.edu.

We do have plans to open a public membership program which would include discounts to alumni. If you're interested in updates on that program, please fill out this webform.

When are you open?

Our normal business hours are Monday - Friday from 1pm - 9pm. However, our hours are subject to change, so please check here for an update on our current hours.

What can I make at the Makerspace?

Anything you want - as long as it's NOT:

  • Weapons or objects that can intentionally cause bodily damage
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • production of items for profit

We've had people make rocket parts, motorcycle mods, custom PCBs, coasters, shoes, you name it!

Do I have to know how to use the equipment to use the space?

No. There's always someone here that can assist and train you with the equipment. Come visit the Makerspace to get started!

I know how to use the equipment. Can I book time on a machine?

Yes, but only for the CNC machines (Shopbot, Othermill Pro) or Laser Cutters (Universal Laser Systems PLS 6.75) - visit here to see how to do that and view current reservations. The 3D printers are first-come-first-served, and there's enough of the other facilities/tools for everyone to use.

Do you offer official consulting services?

No, but our staff will do their best to offer technical support on your project without IP ownership coming into question.