CNC Cutters

Use our CNC cutters for much more than just making stickers to help label your projects.

Besides making stickers, labels, and stencils for materials, supplies, and projects. Our CNC cutters can also be used to make PCB layers for paper circuits, make cutouts or creases for your card, origami or other paper craft projects, and even making custom apparel by making use of heat transfer vinyl techniques.

CNC cutters are a great addition to our Makerspace and will prove to be useful for your projects. For a comprised list of what you can do with CNC cutters please click here.


How do CNC cutters work?

Our CNC cutters take your vector image file and follows the path, node to node, with a sharp needle cutting your image out of the material. The vinyl, paper or similar material is first placed on a "sticky" plastic backing and then loaded into the machine. You then adjust the needle cutting depth in order to cut the material but not cut into the plastic backing.

Do I have to supply my own materials to learn the machine?

No, we will provide you with some material to get you started. There are plenty of pieces in our scrap bin in this room to help you practive. However, as you want to design bigger projects on the machine we will then charge for the material cost. You can also bring your own material to use if you would prefer.

What kind of files can I use?

Similar to our laser cutter, our CNC cutters accept various file types but the ones what will require the least work to cut are .dxf and .svg.