I am new to the space can I use the wood shop?
Currently, only staff can operate the wood shop tools. New or seasoned makers, please inform staff about your project. Together, we can then map out what tools you should use in order to complete the project. A tool list can be found below and in more detail on our resource page here. Do not forget to ask a member of our staff for safety protocols for each machine/tool. If unsure on the use of any of the tool(s) in the wood shop please ask a member of our staff.

What is the best way to join together two pieces of wood?
We will have screws and wood glue available for purchase in our store. Note that wood glue is designed to give better adhesion than screws for most projects. However, there is a curing time for pieces glued together.

Wood glue is spilling from my part, how do I fix this?
One obvious solution is to use the correct amount of glue. However, depending on your expertise you can run into not having enough glue between your parts. After clamping down your part wipe off any excess glue immediately with a damp sponge or paper towel. Then after the glue is dry sand off the joint to ensure no glue is on the surface.

Access and Safety

The Wood Shop will be accessible to all students and faculty attending Rutgers University. Safety protocols must be followed at all times, no exceptions. An online woodworking orientation session will soon be made available as part of a certification requirement to use the shop. Students without this certification should not be in the wood shop for any reason and are not allowed to borrow tools. The woodshop will be opening soon.

Advanced Tools

Due to safety reasons, not all of the tools at the Makerspace are made available to students regardless of completion of the certification. We have a secondary set of tools available to students that will require coordination with staff members at the Makerspace.

Purchasing Materials

Students and faculty members are responsible for purchasing and supplying their own materials. Materials such as plywood, MDF, birch wood, etc... are not supplied by the Makerspace. We do have some material available for use however, we cannot always guarantee that we can always provide the material on hand for students. Therefore, we suggest that students acquire their own material. If the student or faculty member are unable to obtain material please contact a member of our staff in order to make a purchase order with one of our vendors.


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