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3D Modeling Software

Commercial software is also available and are good for designing 3D models such as AutoCAD, Pro Engineering, Solidworks, AutoDesk Fusion, Rhino, and Maya.

TinkerCAD is a browser-based 3D modeling tool. It provides user an easy alternative to design 3D models using set shapes as the building blocks of your designs.

SketchUP logo

SketchUP is an online 3D modeling software that has a good database to suit any drawing applications. Such drawing applications include: civil, architectural, interior design, and mechanical engineering databases. These databases allow its user to readily incorporate them into there own designs.

Onshape is a full cloud-based 3D CAD system. Onshape allows its users to design 3D models via phone, web browser, or tablet. Onshape also allows teams to work together effortlessly by providing the teams secure and simultaneous access to the master file version of their CAD designs.

Blender is an open-source 3D graphics software. It provides its users with the ability to create animated films, visual effects, video games, as well as 3D printed models. With its integrated game engine, soft body simulation, sculpting, and animating features makes Blender an optimal tool in game design.

OpenSCAD is free software available for all OS and used primarily for 3D modeling machine parts. Unlike other 3D modeling software, OpenSCAD is not an interactive modeler but is a compiler based on textual description language. This allows the user to easily change parameters on their files by changing any of the parameters in the script.