Makerspace Tour & Discussion Session


An ask-the-experts tour and discussion on makerspace design and operation

Due to COVID-19 protocols, the Rutgers Makerspace is unable to offer tours of the space to groups outside of the University. Rutgers Students, Faculty and Staff may still schedule a tour of the facility by emailing

Spotlight Box: 

For Rutgers Faculty, Staff, & Students:

Tours for Rutgers faculty, staff, or students are provided separately from this program. Please contact the Makerspace if you'd like to coordinate a time for a tour, or visit the Makerspace during our open hours for a staff-led tour at your convenience. Or feel free to check out our tour video here.

A Note to Educators: 

Please visit the Center for Math, Science, and Engineering (CMSCE) to check out the classes and workshops they offer in the topics of curriculum building, pedagogy, and hands-on projects at the Makerspace. For more information about these exciting offerings, visit their website at: