Few hours not enough time for makers

Our last visit with the young makers from Prime Time Center (PTC) lefts the Makerspace with projects in hand, ready to be assembled for another day. When these makers visited the Rutgers Makerspace, the day was full with events that the star attraction of building the pencil boxes was not able to be completed. 

Hence, the young makers took there boxes to PTC where alongside of there staff members the pencil boxes will be assembled. After the event at PTC, each student was able to take home a pencil box case each personalized for each maker. The pencil boxes each featured the students name as well as the PTC and RU Makerspace logo. The box sides were slotted allowing for easy assembly and was adhered with some hot glue. This was a great activity for the students and staff to participate in building and in the end helping them organize each student pencils and other crafts!!