RU Makerspace in the Power Racing Series!!

The Power Racing Series is an event where Makers across the US have a budget of roughly $500 and each team builds a "Power Wheels Go-Kart". It got started as an event during Maker Faires but, it has evolved into a much bigger sport. Now 24+ teams compete in endurance and timed races. Teams also compete for awards such as: crowd favorite or best theme. 

The members of the Makerspace along with Kungyang Lo, the master builder of the project, and the help of FUBAR labs got together to assemble our first RU Makerspace Power Wheels Racing Vehicle. Much thanks to everyone who helped get this project to completion. Bill from FUBAR labs, who always was able to lend us his ear for our build; RIck Anderson for supervising us and giving us access to FUBAR; Kenny Chen who gave the kart the Grease Truck theme shown above and designed the chassis of the kart; and our friends from Kims Bike Shop who supplied us a solution for our braking system. 

As the Rutgers Makerspace continues to grow, so does the ambitions of our projects. Hence, we would love to collaborate with more people and get the best power wheels across the US on a budget!