Training & Workshops

Training at the Makerspace is provided to assist in getting you up and running on our machine resources. Basic usage and satefy are covered in these courses.

Our Courses typically include two parts for most equipment:

  • Online Safety & Basic Use course on Canvas
  • In-person assessment with a Makerspace staff member 


Once the in-person assessment is complete, you will be provided access by Makerspace staff through your Rutgers ID card.

Click on the links below to get started (NetID sign-in required).

Safety & Basic Use Training

Training Prerequisite Estimated Time to Complete
Online Hands-On
Woodshop 1: Safety & Basic Use
Basic Woodshop Tools & Equipment
N/A 40-60 minutes 30 minutes
Woodshop 2: Advanced Tools
Jointer, Planer, Shaper, Hand Router
Woodshop 1 30-45 minutes 30 minutes
Woodshop 3: Shopbot CNC
Shopbot CNCs - 2'x4' & 8'x4'
Woodshop 1 60-90 minutes 45 minutes*
Laser Cutting & Engraving
Universal PLS 6.75
N/A 15-45 minutes 30 minutes*
UV Printing
Roland LEF-12i
N/A 30-45 minutes 30 minutes*
Mat Cutter and Framing
Wizard CMC 9000
N/A 20-30 minutes 10 minutes

*includes machining time


3D Printing: Introduction & Design Workshop


  • Digital Embroidery
  • Sewing
  • Electronics and Soldering
  • Metal Marking Laser
  • Vinyl Cutting and Heat Transfer
  • Virtual Welding Training
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  • Access to the equipment will be granted via your Rutgers ID card.
  • Access is provided on an individual basis.
  • Safety and basic use training is required. Experienced users may have training requirements waived.


If your ID card was issued prior to March 2018, you will need to obtain a new ID card to manage your training completion at the Makerspace.

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