Do your next sewing project here! Our Makerspace has a textiles room with equipment that allows our users to make apparel, curtains, handbags, pillows, and much more. Our textiles room includes a sewing machine, a serger, a single need embroider machine, a 10 needle embroidery machine and a heat press.

Ask a member of our space for assistance so you can get started on creating your project!


Learning how to sew is an essential skill-set in completing any project and easier to do than you think! Come in and get started on our sewing machines to help you take the first step! We will have a Canvas course teaching safety and basic use available shortly.


Our 10 needle embroidery machine makes personalizing your items a breeze! The things that can be created are extensive. You can personalize clothing/hats, create patches, add decorative elements to fabric and much more. Stop by and check it out. The machine has tutorial videos built in to help guide you or you can speak with out staff and they can help you learn how to use the machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to supply my own materials?
Yes. We currently do not have the inventory to allow students to use or buy materials from us.

I never used a sewing machine before, how do I learn?
We have very talented staff members to assist you in learning on how to use our machine. Please contact us here in order to arrange an appointment to get a project started.

I have experience with sewing machines. Can I just come in and use it?
Yes. Please advice a member of our staff on your project before getting started. Most of the machines are top load sewing machines but we do have an older side loading one. Not all bobbins fit the same machines.  Also, it is advised to read the manual before using the machine to reduce the chance of injury to either yourself, other makers in the Makerspace, or the machine.

What other materials/machines besides the sewing machine do you have?
We have several sewing related machines: 
Brother SE400 (embroidery-sewing hybrid)
Singer Heavy Duty 4452
Singer 4 Thread Overlocking Serger
Brother 10 needle embroidery machine

Additionally we have:
Fabric Iron
Large self-healing cutting mat
Several types of shears
Fabric chalk
12x12 heat press

Please feel free to contact us here if you have any donations to help build our inventory for textiles.