The Rutgers Makerspace is a resource where departments and/or academic units can:

  • Supplement coursework with an assigned student project
  • Create, develop and/or prototype a device, sign, etc.
  • 3D print research files

Feel free to reach out to us for more information or to discuss organizing a tour for you or your class. If you are interested in working with the Makerspace and would like to make payment for material via IPO, follow the link below.

Set up an IPO with Makerspace

Machine Reservations

To ensure that everyone has an opportunity to use the machines at the Makerspace, reservations are:

  1. limited to 3 hours per day per machine,
  2. twice per week per machine,
  3. for one machine at a time.

To Reserve a machine, please complete the form at the link below.

Reserve a Machine

How to Get Involved

The Rutgers Makerspace is a facility for all current Rutgers members to use.  We offer many ways for you to get involved! Some of these include working with professors to implement a maker component to their course, hosting events with other departments, assisting researchers with their projects, and helping provide advice to the local communities when they decide to build a Makerspace

Adding a Maker Component to Your Course

We are happy to discuss current projects that professors have implemented in their courses to add a more hands-on approach to learning some of the aspects taught in class. Currently, courses use our 3D-Printers and Woodshop for creating project prototypes. Learn more and check out some of the projects other groups have done here.

Student Groups

There are several student groups that host their meetings at our facility, host events at our facility and make use of the equipment to build their projects.  Check out all of the groups who currently use the Makerspace and learn more about what they do here.


Some of the research groups at the University have used our facility to help in their studies. We have been working closely with them to help 3D print prototype parts.


We have a small classroom that can accommodate up to 30 people for smaller events/workshops. Our tables and space allow for multiple configurations to help make your event a success. We have worked with departments to host retreats, meetings, and brainstorm sessions. Feel free to contact Louli to discuss your event.

Makerspace Consulting

Over the years we have worked with many groups inside and out of the Rutgers community to help promote learning and making. We are happy to arrange a tour of our facility and discuss further what your goals and needs are to create a Makerspace facility in your neighborhood.  We have worked with many libraries, departments, and community centers to help bring making to them! You can sign up for a tour here.