To request a reservation, please complete the form below, or visit our booking page.

All reservations should be submitted with your First Name, Last Name, Rutgers-affiliated email address, and NetID. Any reservation not containing this information may be cancelled at the Makerspace's discretion.

Reservations are available below for 1-hour intervals. If you'd like to reserve a machine for 2 hours, please reserve two consecutive 1-hour timeslots. 

To ensure that everyone has an opportunity to use the machines at the Makerspace, reservations cannot be made for more than 3 hours per day, twice per week, per machine. You may only reserve one machine at a time.

If the machine is available after your reserved time has elapsed, you may continue working as long as there are not others waiting to use the machine, but please cede time to others if you have exceeded 6 hours of use in that week.

IMPORTANT:During the pandemic, each area may only be reserved by one individual at a time (Woodshop, Laser, Graphics, Electronics, Textiles). Groups are not permitted. 

Per Rutgers policy, you MUST complete the state-mandated COVID training ( and have obtained your My Campus Pass for the day (login to and look for the My Campus Pass window). You will not be permitted to use the Makerspace without having completed both. Masks are still required to be worn inside at all times.